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Our Philosophy

  1. We buy products in developing Countries.
  2. We take the initiative in buying products from poor people.
  3. We show and tell everything we experienced around the world.
  4. We use some profit to help poor children we will meet as we travel.
  5. SHAKEHANDS shops and cooperation shops set Boxes to be donated the old child clothes that people no longer need.
  6. We don't use any fund-raising including the crowdfunding and We just treasure the encounters, friendships, experiences and we keep it going with huge effort to share the huge smiles and happiness to all over the world.


Hi ! I'm Takuya and I'm the leader of the "SHAKE HANDS". I had been travelling around the world and I visited to one hundred one countries in that time as backpacker.

And I saw a lot of beautiful views , locations, and I got many wonderful memories with locals and travellers through the world travelling, thanks to everything.

But in other my sight in developing countries, I met and saw a lot of people who are poor and they are difficult to just live because of poverty.

I guess most of backpackers travel around the world with least amount of money that's why even if real poor people beg something to us (backpackers) we can't help anything including me in real . I saw and felt such a present situation of it.

And after I finished my travel and I did come back to Japan safety but everyday everynight some my experiences I felt heartwrench me.

After that Long time just passed and I still strongly feel two things from bottoms of my heart that one is what I wanna travel forever when I can . and another one is I want to help to poor children I will meet from now on as passable as I can. even if I'm a backpacker.

In the same time , fortunately I had a opportunity to reunite to my nostalgic some backpackers friends in Tsubame Niigata prefecture Japan and they each has been hard working by their own experiences. one of them is owner of "GUESTHOUSE TRIANGL" he asked me , do you want to try anything by my experience of my world travelling ?

Then I thought over what I can do and I decided to make "SHAKE HANDS" as I connect people and people around the world and as I hope disappear discrimination as I shake hands with many friends all over the world.


The General Concept
"The Global Marketplace for Travelers"
(Shopping from travel around the world)

Most SHAKE HANDS members experience traveling around the world and discovering the world. The group's activity is based on these backpackers.

Let me explain a bit more. These people travel to many parts of the world with their own backpackers. Because they like to travel freely and without extra supplies.

All goods in the SHAKE HANDS market are bought and purchased by these people from around the world.

The trend in the SHAKE HANDS market is different from other stores that offer similar products.

We travel as a traveler to most parts of the world and buy whatever is lovely and symbolic of that country.

We also travel to deprived and unusual areas so that we can buy unique products in that area.

The SHAKE HANDS group plans to deliver products around the world directly to the real customers by using the experience of various travels and crafts from localities around the world. It also inspires customers to buy from a point in the world.

Due to numerous trips by the group, this group has enough information about real poverty in the world, and therefore the problem of global poverty is never hidden from us, which is why we buy the products that are provided by the needy, and never buy products with high sales. In this way, we can make the profit from this market accessible to the children of the unprotected or poorly supervised people who we met around the world.

The SHAKE HANDS band is trying to create a joyful cycle that members of that group are.

We also all share this joy with all the people or needy people who we bought from them, and the customers of this marketplace, as well as the children we need to help them.

The SHAKE HANDS band are working in this field and we will strive to develop this group and share this joy and sense of friendship.



Yamazaki Takuya



Yusuke Hasegawa

Yusuke Hasegawa



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インド🇮🇳で1人旅を経験し、現地で暮らしている人々の生活や文化、価値観に興味を持ち、青年海外協力隊でバングラデシュ🇧🇩・フィジー🇫🇯に行き、現地の人と共に生活をする。 その後、中南米を放浪。

日本に戻り、人に元気を与えられるようなゲストハウスを始めようと物件探してをしていたところ、パラグライの宿で出会ったTakuyaさんから連絡があり、SHAKE HANDSの構想について聞かせてもらった。






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