世界一周ショッピング - Japan to the World



Regarding the SHAKE HANDS member

All member in SHAKE HANDS is unique and active and also they all has humor as well.

We always enjoy while having big passion to work around the world.

  • Takuya Yamazaki


    When I was young, I longed for travelling around the world to know the world.

    And I visited to one hundred countries as beginner backpacker.

    In the first time I had been kept to visit to famous places or known ones like a world heritage. But the more I travelled, the more I love to encounter people more than visiting famous places.

    the robber threatened me with a gunpoint, I had lost items to travel all. But my encounter with people in various countries kept me traveling.

    From now on, I want to travel to give people back around the world as I’m a backpacker and as I’m leader of “SHAKE HANDS”.

  • Yusuke Hasegawa

    Yusuke Hasegawa

    Yusuke is Musicians.

    He is doing music activities and traveling the world.

    He lives in Australia. and He is doing music activities in Canada, Europe, Asia and Oceania. He played music at an elementary school in India

  • Takumi Sano

    Takumi Sano

    Takumi is a college student. He was interested in round the world and Studying on eels. He wanted to go on a round-the-world trip even though He took off from university

    First He went to study in Philippines, second He worked to save money in Australia. And finally He traveled around India, Middle East and Africa over 20 countries.

    Especially He was impressed with the children’s smile and nature’s beauty in Africa. and encounter to people in various countries is very great.

    After He returned to Japan, He is studying eels at university

  • Mami Ishii

    Mami Ishii

    Mami’s work is nurse in Japan

    She has experiened volunteer in Uganda

    She traveled in Africa

  • Mamoru Numata

    Mamoru Numata

    Mamoru’s work was electrical work.

    After he left the work, he went on a round-the-world around travel 50 countries for nearly 4 years.

    He worked and playing guitar in each countries to save money.

    After He returned to Japan, He made Guesthouse for backpackers in Tsubame Sanjo, Niigata, Japan.

  • Seiya Fudai

    Seiya Fudai


    He went on a round-the-world around for about 2 years.

    He traveled to Indonesia, Ethiopia, Greece, Argentina, etc. and he saw much greatest view of the world.

  • Ryutaro Kurobozu


    In the past Ryutaro traveled alone in India, as a result, He became interested in foreign life and cultures.

    He lived with people in that countries Bangladesh and Fiji to join Japan Overseas Cooperation Volunteers.

    next he traveled South America.

    He hope to make friends all over the world.

  • Ryo


    Ryo and Nana went on a round-the-world around travel 53 countries for over 1 year.

    After they returned to Japan, He started new style tutor that does not depend on exams and grades.

  • Nana

    Nana and Ryo went on a round-the-world around.

    They preparing for the next world trip on a round-the-world around.

  • Takeru


    Takeru lived in Shimane, Japan.

    He started for a world trip he was longing for, and the he traveled for 4 years.

    At first, his pleasure of traveling was looking at great view. After his pleasure became communicating with local people.

    His favorite thing is communications local children. His dislike is a thief.

  • Miki


    Miki likes World Heritage.

    She would like to go a lot of countries.

  • Marika


    Marika is contortionist.

  • Manabu


    Manabu started trip, when he was twenties. He went snowboarding in the mountains where in Himalayas, India and Iran. He looked for the lake where thunder occurs. He lived in jungle in the South America. He like to remote area and he seeks romance in remote areas

    He has never look famous the Machu Picchu and the Grand Canyon even though he went on a round-the-world trip. He want to merge into the local life.

  • Hiroshi


    Hiroshi was interested in music by my father, when he was young.

    He worked at a CLUB in Sendai for 19 years, because he like music.

    He got depth and fun of music

    He went on a round-the-world, because he want to know music all over the world.

  • Miyu


    Miyu traveled around world for trip and volunteer, after she took a year off from university.

    She lived with local people and global volunteers in Indonesia, Mexico and Tanzania etc. ,As a result She learned much to communicate.

    She is looking forward to travel around world after 5 years again.

  • Misato


    Misato saw the French “Mont Saint-Michel” printed on the calendar when he was junior school student. As a result he was interested in abroad. He got a job as nurse to go abroad.

    He often travels abroad on day off from work

    He has been to 50 countries of South America, North America, Asia, Europe, Africa and Australia.

    He looked much great view, he met many people. these experience is his life assets.

  • Takuya Usui

    Takuya Usui

    Takuya Usui was about to drop out, but his trip experience which he met many people gave him a light. He looked to outside world to be interested in languages and football in his 20s.

    he is working in railway industry, but on the other hand he looking for romance and adventure, and he values connection with people in many trip.

    Takuya Usui is called “Superman going anywhere” by Takuya Yamazaki.

    He is finding the way what he can do for world through his work.

  • Tetsu


    Tetsu noticed about interesting of trip by traveling Southeast Asia in his 20s.

    he is leaving for a long journey that Okinawa, New Zealand, Australia, Asia countries. and He worked in each countries. After He returned to Japan, he is training to aiming for life which he can spend without much money.

    His backpack is full of toys.

  • Yosshi


    Yosshi quitted his work of bank employee for traveling world in his 26 years old. he went on a round-the-world for a year.

    Magic trick was just his hobby. He entertained people that have a different language and culture by showing his magic trick ;therefore he recognized the magic trick attraction strongly.

    After he returned Japan, he learned close-up magic that communicate closely. He is showing magic trick to people in restaurants near Kanagawa prefecture.

    Twitter : @Yosshi60885483

    MAIL : expansion086☆

    LINE ID : izamanai

  • Koji


    Koji was leaving for trip across Asia which he wanted to do.

    He finish to travel from China to Istanbul because kind many people in each countries helped him to travel. He thanks to everyone who he met in each countries.

    After he return in Japan he works as web engineer. He helps to manage this website on time without work..

  • Yuko


    Yuko was primary school teacher in Japan. She joined Japan Overseas Cooperation Volunteers, she taught students math and science in Bangladesh primary school.

    People is poverty in Bangladesh, but people feel happy and live strongly; therefore she thinks about true “poverty”.

    After she returned Japan, she supports Japanese companies start business in Bangladesh by working in consultant company. She looks for good Bangladesh’s development.

  • Hiroshi von Urushibara

    Hiroshi von Urushibara

    Hiroshi is really interested in travel because he had a lot of shocking experiences in USA for the first time traveling abroad when he was 19 years old.

    The more countries he visited, the more countries he want to visit. He want to do as much as possible.

  • Shun Otk

    Shun Otk

    Shun wanted to see the things and businesses in the world. He retired from company in July 2017. After a month, He started trip for a year. He visited 33 countries. He enjoyed photography as hobby while traveling.

    The subjects of photography are street art, landscape, pigeons. he returned to Japan in August 2018. he is planning to emigrate in Eastern Europe while he is working in Tokyo.

  • Rikiya Kataoka


    Rikiya was affected by his grandfather as traveler. He traveled all over Japan and 78 countries for 10 years.

    He runs Shared House “Hakunamatata” for travelers in Tokyo while working on video production.

  • Nang Akari Htoo


    I was born in a town near Yangon Myanmar and I grew up in my warm family and with many great friends there and only I did get well education luckily there. I volunteered orphanage and I moved to Uonuma IUJ Japan to study for many things then I met Takuya(SHAKEHANDS) and we decided to help people who have HIV in Myanmar.

    I will learn and experience more many things and one day I hope to work to help all my friends in Myanmar.

  • Samitha & Iresha


    We are from Sri-Lanka We live in Urasa Japan for each other’s works and studying .

    We feel Japanese language is a little difficult and we feel that living in Japan is difficult sometimes but we did much experience and make unforgettable memories here , we have to go back to our home town Sri-Lanka but we hope Japanese know about Sri-Lanka more and more as we interact with SHAKEHANDS.

  • Miho Tanaka

    Miho Tanaka

    Miho loves Mexico.

    She spent a total of 8 years at the time of childhood and studying in Mexico. She love in Central and South America so much that she traveled in South America for a month.

    She met many people there, she saw much great view, As a result she had dream of going around the world.

    Ask her anything about Mexico.

    She met Takuya in Mexico. She wants to help them.

  • ¡Kazu!


    Kazu is a businessman and a father of 3 children. he loves car, drinks and journey.

    He has traveled about 80 countries in Asia, Middle East, Europe and West Afreca on day off from work.

    He often traveled the Americas, because he has advantage of living in the Mexico. He sometimes traveled with his family, and at other time he traveled alone.

    A picture is worth a thousand words. There are interesting things in the world. No journey, no life.

  • Chie


    Hello, Chie was on a working holiday in Canada, Australia and the UK. She traveled all over the world. She leaved Japan, therefore she was made to think a lot by that. There are pros and cons in Japan. But she hopes to work for people in Japan because she likes Japan so much😊

    She was impressed by Takuya’s activities.

  • Rana


    Rana was born and raised in the countryside of Bangladesh, graduated from a university in Dhaka, and has worked as a school teacher.

    He is also the husband of one of Yuko who is the SHAKEHANDS member, and has been supporting Takuya and his friend during their stay in Bangladesh, Rana decided to join SHAKEHANDS.

    Rana is good at English and has a high level of knowledge about Bangladesh and Islam.

  • Topu


    Topu is one of the few Hindus in Bangladesh. When Takuya and his friend volunteered in Bangladesh, Takuya met Rana, a school teacher whom Topu respects, and Topu was approached by Rana to work with SHAKEHANDS.

    After working with Takuya for a month, Toph became a member of SHAKEHANDS.