世界一周ショッピング - Japan to the World



Regarding the translation cooperation

All the translators are Takuya’s greatest and trustful foreign friends he made when he was travelling around the world as backpacker . They each are from different countries but they all hope to make a peace as same as I hope .

  • Banti


    We met at Guesthouse I stayed in Azerbaijan at the first time .

    We had a great time with other new friends too, we all had a great conversation while drinking .

    It was wonderful time for me !

    And after the 9 months later from the time , we reunited in his home town Patna and I experienced homestay in Banti’s friend home and he introduced me to his lot of friends and his family, I appropriate that I did experience great Indian local lifestyle. And I wouldn’t forget a tasty your carrys !!

    Thank you for many things !!

  • Armita


    We met in Roppongi Japan at the first time .

    She always had been rooting for me to complete the world travelling. And when I visited Iran I got great experiences with her and her mother and her friends. Thanks to everyone. I think Iranian has some strict rules on religion but I exactly felt that Iranian has a big kindness and hospitality, it made me feel happy and also it really makes me hope to eliminate all war of central east someday.

  • Bun Buns


    When I was still beginner backpacker , I even couldn’t use enough English to travel abroad, and when I worried a way at the emigration between Laos and Vietnam she helped me kindly and it made me to become friend with her . And we enjoyed for few days and she teach me how to cross the Vietnam street in traffic jam and when I wanted to buy something she always go to buy instead of me because some Vietnamese rips foreigners off. Even though it was just little things for her but it was very big help for me .

    I wouldn’t forget it .

    She manages Chinese language school.

  • Nadia Kang


    When I was travelling in Egypt I met her . She was very friendly and smiley girl and also peaceful!!

    Even though there is diplomatic problem between Japan and Korea but it is just a problem between countries and governments . We are friend on the world, I hope all people become good friend like us and I hope every people hope to make much peaces someday.

    I appropriate her kindness!

    Thank you!

  • Trish Ukuna


    Trish Ukuna

    I met her by Malawi Lake.

    In that time I had travelled with two Japanese backpacker friends who are member of SHAKE HANDS too. As I see Malawi it has a big problem because of poverty so when she told me that she moved to Europe and she stay with lovely parson it made me feel happy too.

    And I hope to visit her to see her happiness life in Europe and also we hope to take charity activity together for the children in Malawi one day.

  • Sharon


    When I was travelling in Pokhara Nepal I met her husband Manabu at the first time.

    And he kindly introduce her as to be SHAKE HANDS translator. Thank you so much two guys !

    And Taiwan was my first country I visited in my world travelling and all locals were very kind to me it makes Taiwan is my favorite country and memorable !

    I’m happy to relate with Taiwan on the SHAKE HANDS !! thank you Sharon!

  • Miguel



    We met in Easter island, Chili.

    He was travelling there as backpacker as same as I was. We has memories that we made pasta together every night and after I completed overland travelling from Chili to Canada I flied to Portugal to see him again and I got homestay at the his home, he do playing cards and his family was very great people and especially his mother’s house made Portugal foods was crazy delicious!!

    And when I arrived to Japan as I finished my world travelling and I took Wi-Fi , and I got answering machine from him to say congratulations to me.

    I felt he is my real Portugal friend !!

  • Inma Gonzalez


    I met her at the first time in Varkala, India!

    I felt first impression of her is incredible ! She is very friendly, smiley, she should be peaceful lady ! and she did Indian meditation every morning as she feel India it was impressive for me as well !

    And when I asked about SHAKE HANDS to her to be Spanish translator, she accept this help with Spanish passion!

    I really appropriate her beautiful heart !

    Thank you!

  • Yuko


    I met her by the introduction from Ryu who are member of the SHAKE HANDS and he was member of Japan Overseas Cooperation Volunteers. She is Japanese but she lives in Bangladesh and she always tries to rise a friendship between Japan and Bangladesh while loving Bangladesh.

    Many members in the SHAKE HANDS likes Bangladesh people so we all try to pull together to spread about Bangladesh more and more around Japan.

  • Farida Nazarli


    I thought Most of people don’t know that only Japanese can get Visa free to enter Azerbaijan. I met her at guesthouse in Azerbaijan . She worked in the guesthouse when I stayed and she always shows full of her smile to guests and she always cares to everyone. I know all a peace will start from a smile. She has it !! I’m glad to make a peaceful friend like her!

  • Suvi Holsti


    When I was travelling in Cambodia, I met Suvi.

    The time I didn’t use English much to communicate with any foreigners but she was very good different from others for me !

    She is smiley and sweet and I heard she hope to do charity activity in her home Finland Europe.

    When I heard the her hope , it made me hope to spread the SHAKE HANDS activity to Europe one day ! !

  • Aya


    Aya and Takuya have known each other since junior high school. Aya lives with her nice family in Italy.

    She translates SHAKEHANDS HP into Italian. She connects Japan with Italy as SHAKEHANDS member.